MNDAT Trunking Service

Our Minnesota Digital Area Trunking System (MNDAT) service allows you to connect seamlessly across the Twin Cities and beyond.

Wide area two-way (trunked) radio service allows you to use your radios across the entire Twin Cities Metro and beyond. This service is beneficial for businesses that want to maintain two-way radio contact with employees that are away from the office.

Two-way radios are the safest, most efficient means of communication with your employees. With our wide area service, you can stay connected to your employees without risking their safety or breaking Minnesota’s commercial vehicle cell phone law.

Need to know where your vehicles are throughout the day? GPS tracking options are available with our wide area service. Check out the additional features of our wide area two-way radio service:

  • Extended range with two new towers in Harris and St. Cloud
  • No switching channels
  • Automatic roaming
  • GPS tracking solutions
  • Low cost, affordable
  • Leasing options available
  • Clear communication
  • Safest, most efficient way to communicate

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**All propagation maps are an estimate of coverage. Actual coverage will vary with seasonal changes, antenna position, terrain and other factors. No warranty is implied for use of this information.**


Minnesota’s Cell Phone Restrictions

In 2012, Minnesota adopted the Federal regulation restricting the use of cell phones in Commercial Motorized Vehicles (CMV). Be sure that your team is in compliance with the statute. Call us today to learn more about how to keep your fleet communicating effectively with two-way radios.

Upgrade to Digital

Analog radios are a thing of the past. With advances in new technology, Digital two-way radios are becoming more affordable and have many more advantages over Analog. From improved sound quality to better quality and battery life, moving to Digital is a no-brainer. Call our communcations specialists today to learn how you can upgrade your equipment!